"The philosophy, values, and behaviors that together communicate the unique style and policies of a company."

If you don't create the culture in your business, somebody else will... And you may not like it.

For now, let's continue to focus on leadership.

To start creating your culture, ask yourself:

  1. Why Are We In Business?
  2. Who Do We Help?
  3. What Do We Believe In?
  4. What's Our Vision For A Better Business?

Writing down the answers to these questions is the first step to cultivating the culture of your dealership.

Then you can start creating the culture you really want. Talk about it with your team. Embrace it.


The problem with culture is that it erodes

It's not a "set it and forget it" kind of thing. Just deciding on your culture isn't enough. You can't put a sign up on the wall and expect the culture to change. Just like you can't plant a garden and walk away from it. You have to constantly revisit your culture, and continually promote it at your business.

We believe you should cultivate a solving culture versus a selling culture. That's what works for our dealers, and doing this can breathe new life into your dealership, while infusing your sales staff with new energy.

7 Keys To Creating Culture

  1. Design VS Default—Determine Your Culture Before Someone Else Does!
  2. It Can Be Changed—It's Never Too Late To Take Charge Of Your Culture.
  3. Employees Crave It—People Want and Need Something To Believe In.
  4. It Takes Time & Commitment—Culture Doesn't Change Overnight!
  5. It Requires Accountability—Make Someone Responsible For Creating & Testing Your Culture.
  6. It Can Make You Or Break You—Without A Unique Culture, You Are Just Like Everyone Else.
  7. Train, Rehearse, Repeat—Keep Teaching Culture Over And Over! And Then Over Again. NEVER STOP TRAINING.

Action Steps

  1. Train, Rehearse, & Repeat On Your Culture.
  2. Embrace & Embody The Culture.
  3. Role Play On How To Live The Culture.
  4. Never Stop Training. Revisit Steps 1 through 3 Over And Over Again.
Culture Check-Up
  1. Do you, your team and your employees know what's special about your dealership?
  2. Does your team know their role is bigger and more important than simply selling cars?
  3. Do you have a plan in place for continually spreading, building and reinforcing the culture at your store?

Get Ready To Supercharge Your Dealership Today!

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Your results will get better over time. That's not necessarily because the marketing gets better or worse. Our marketing never works better or worse—it works every single time. What gets better or worse is your leadership of yourself and others, the development of your culture and the refinement of your processes. So focus on refining the Four Core Essentials in this eBook and customers will naturally gravitate to your store.

Taking control in these four core areas will provide stability, predictability and peace of mind... and that is truly success and ESP®, baby!


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