An Important Message From Jeff Falk, Dealer Principal, Little Joe's Mitsubishi...

An open letter to my fellow dealers,

I want to share with everyone that we are making the best of this situation and we have sold cars everyday since it started. Other than sanitizing and social distancing we have not made any changes to our daily routine. Our BDC is making solid appointments every day, and while our traffic has decreased some, we are still getting plenty of customers who can and want to buy a car. Every day I'm constantly reminding my team to stay positive and wash their hands and so far every day we have been rewarded with strong sales. I also reinforce that I believe this is a huge opportunity for us to sell a bunch of cars while the rest of the world backs down, quits advertising and stops trying to sell.

My plan for advertising is full steam ahead and when the ESP Team gets the radio stations to agree to some great advertising buys, I plan to step it up. We are already trying to hire more BDC Reps to handle all the leads that we will be getting. We all need to remember that we are not our customers!

The people sitting in my showroom right now have not said anything about the virus or the economy. They still need a car and nothing the virus can do will change that.

That being said I won't change my advertising message until it stops working! Think about it the rest of the world around us is changing their messages. As Rich Dealers, we are supposed to be different than the rest of the world and if my customers are still responding to my ads than I have no reason to change.

As for my team they all understand the implications of us not selling cars. It is a constant battle for me to drown out the negativity and keep them all positive and fighting!

Oh, and we are still on track to set a new record for our Mitsubishi sales this month beating last month's record of ours.

As Rich Dealers, I believe we all have a huge opportunity in front of us! We just have to decide if we are willing to get in there and do the work.

Jeff Falk, Dealer Principal
Little Joe's Mitsubishi

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