Zombified: Deprived of energy or vitality.

Are you feeling zombified? Has all the fun just gone out of your business? Take control of these Four Core Essentials, and you can bring your dealership back to life, re-energize your love for the car business and start selling more cars today.

Keep reading to start your journey to ESP®...

Nothing is more frustrating for a dealer than not knowing what to do to keep your dealership on track and your employees happy. This eBook provides the clarity you need to drive more traffic, sell more cars, improve CSI, increase profit and just have more fun coming to work everyday.

With clarity and ESP® you will no longer be "Walking Dead." You will no longer be paralyzed by the fear of not knowing the "right" moves to make. With clarity and ESP® you'll be on your way to revitalizing your dealership.

Take Control Of These Four Core Essentials


What are the core essentials?

We call them Core Essentials because they are so big, like moons or planets with limitless things to do in each category. Don't be overwhelmed. As you well know, running a dealership is no simple undertaking. That's why we created this eBook— to help you get on the path to an Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous business right now. Hang on. We're on the journey to ESP® together now!

Go as deep as you can. The more you master these Core Essentials, the better you are going to get. Small changes in each area compound to create BIG results at the end—it's an exponential effect, so dig deep and get ready for an ESP® outbreak at your store!




"To guide or direct a group."

Your job is to create a clear path for others to follow that leads to the fulfillment of your goals.

Core Essential #1: Leadership

Let's begin at the top, with YOU!

Everything starts with leadership. Ideas without leadership fail. If you fail to lead, you fail. Sounds simple, but it's not. It's absolutely essential for you to understand your job as a leader.

The crucial ingredient to being an amazing leader is the ability to effectively lead oneself. You must be able to make the difficult decisions that will move your business in the right direction and dedicate time to constantly improve yourself.

For now, let's continue to focus on leadership.

It's like when you're sitting on an airplane, and the flight attendant reminds you that in case of an emergency, you'd better get your own oxygen mask on before you attempt to help anyone else. It's obvious that you won't be any good to anyone else if you're passed out on the floor. It's the same with your dealership—you must have your head on straight and a clearly defined path or the "plane" will come crashing down around you.


So first, lead yourself. Then, lead others, and then you can transition into the development of a strong culture, which creates a strong foundation on which you can build the right processes. Once you have those things in place, we’ll show you how to layer on right marketing—that will attract more customers than you ever thought possible and supercharge your dealership’s growth.

Leadership Of Self & Others

What are the important elements of LEADERSHIP?

  1. Effective and Clear Communication. Defining your organization's goals and making sure everyone understands these goals.
  2. Inspire others to believe their life and career is bigger than selling cars.
  3. Development, Management and Accountability of Expectations. Knowing, understanding, and clearly communicating your expectations is your job as a leader!
  4. Understanding the people in your organization—who are they and where do they want to go. Listen. Listen. Listen.
  5. Encourage goal setting for others. Help people reach their own personal goals.
  6. Help your team play a fundamental role in the achievement of the company goals. Empower the right people!
  7. Manage and set standards for how you use your time. Manage your time as you would like others to manage their time.
  8. Lead by example. Set goals for yourself and your company. Share those goals with your team.


Organize a team meeting (or a series of meetings) where you will personally communicate the goals of your company. Recognize team members when they exemplify the mission privately and publicly.

Leadership Check-Up
  1. Do you create, write down and achieve weekly and monthly goals for your store?
  2. How good are you at delegating work and being the CEO of your dealership?
  3. Do you regularly meet with other like-minded, positive leaders and share ideas, encouragementand success strategies that relate to growing your business and reaching your professional and personal goals?




"The philosophy, values, and behaviors that together communicate the unique style and policies of a company."

If you don't create the culture in your business, somebody else will... And you may not like it.

For now, let's continue to focus on leadership.

To start creating your culture, ask yourself:

  1. Why Are We In Business?
  2. Who Do We Help?
  3. What Do We Believe In?
  4. What's Our Vision For A Better Business?

Writing down the answers to these questions is the first step to cultivating the culture of your dealership.

Then you can start creating the culture you really want. Talk about it with your team. Embrace it.


The problem with culture is that it erodes

It's not a "set it and forget it" kind of thing. Just deciding on your culture isn't enough. You can't put a sign up on the wall and expect the culture to change. Just like you can't plant a garden and walk away from it. You have to constantly revisit your culture, and continually promote it at your business.

We believe you should cultivate a solving culture versus a selling culture. That's what works for our dealers, and doing this can breathe new life into your dealership, while infusing your sales staff with new energy.

7 Keys To Creating Culture

  1. Design VS Default—Determine Your Culture Before Someone Else Does!
  2. It Can Be Changed—It's Never Too Late To Take Charge Of Your Culture.
  3. Employees Crave It—People Want and Need Something To Believe In.
  4. It Takes Time & Commitment—Culture Doesn't Change Overnight!
  5. It Requires Accountability—Make Someone Responsible For Creating & Testing Your Culture.
  6. It Can Make You Or Break You—Without A Unique Culture, You Are Just Like Everyone Else.
  7. Train, Rehearse, Repeat—Keep Teaching Culture Over And Over! And Then Over Again. NEVER STOP TRAINING.

Action Steps

  1. Train, Rehearse, & Repeat On Your Culture.
  2. Embrace & Embody The Culture.
  3. Role Play On How To Live The Culture.
  4. Never Stop Training. Revisit Steps 1 through 3 Over And Over Again.
Culture Check-Up
  1. Do you, your team and your employees know what's special about your dealership?
  2. Does your team know their role is bigger and more important than simply selling cars?
  3. Do you have a plan in place for continually spreading, building and reinforcing the culture at your store?




"A systematic series of actions directed to some end."

Follow a proven process to avoid wasting time and money on things that just don't work. Avoid the frustration and loss that come along with that trial and error—it can literally suck the life out of you.

Core Essential #3: Process

Continually refining your PROCESSES is a critical piece of running a well-functioning dealership.

Many dealerships have no processes, or even worse, multiple processes that are in shambles! You must have strong, solid processes in order to operate your business at its most profitable and enjoyable level. As you know, there are plenty of process people and products and services you can buy.

Get back to thinking about the car business as a people business, where you sincerely care about helping your customers with their problems.

Many dealers look to vendors, lead providers, marketing gimmicks, Internet thingamajigs and the latest high-tech savior to solve their process problems. But in reality, these are just distractions. Get back to the basics. Focus on your customers and their problems and only then you will you experience significant results.


assess your processes

As you refine your processes, remember that process improvement that's devoid of leadership, and not tied into culture, is practically meaningless. People need to understand why they are doing what they are doing. When they understand "the why," the process to go along with it will be better received.

So assess and refine your processes and clearly communicate the reason behind process changes, so everyone can embrace "the why."

Everything you do at the dealership should be in alignment with your reason why.

Refining Processes

Start every customer interaction by trying to uncover the customer's problem. Then seek out a solution. Don't start with price.

Process Check-Up
  1. Are your processes congruent with your culture?
  2. Does your team know "the why" behind your processes?




"The action or business of promoting and selling products and services."

Gravitational Marketing® speaks directly to your ideal prospects—high-profit customers that are drawn to your store as if by a natural force!

Core Essential #4: Marketing

Before anybody will buy a car from you there are two basic questions that must be answered. The first question that must be answered is: "Why should I buy from you?"

Sounds simple, right?

But most dealership marketing fails to answer this simple little question. Realize that ALL dealers SAY they have low prices, good selection and great service. All dealers talk about price and payments and cars.

Keep this in mind: SAME IS LAME®. If you look the same and sound the same as the other dealers around you, then your results are probably the same too—lame. Most dealers are selling a lot fewer cars than they could be. So why copy them?

Instead, you should start thinking about what makes you different and start communicating that to your prospects. Today, there are so many ways to make money in the car business without competing on price! Focus your marketing on why you are different and people will gravitate to your store in droves!


Action Steps

Develop a GPS for your store. A GPS is a Gravitational Positioning Statement® that guides your business and dealership culture during the marketing process, and also guides customers to you. This statement naturally attracts more prospects and customers to you—it's the hook in everything you do.

Marketing Check-Up
  1. Do you feel you have all the traffic you need to hit your sales goals?
  2. Do you have a consistent method for reliably driving a steady stream of qualified leads to your store every day, week, month and year?
  3. Do you track and measure the effectiveness of all your ad/lead sources?

Get Ready To Supercharge Your Dealership Today!

Dealers come to us looking for more customers. We apply a radical new paradigm on each of the Four Core Essentials.

Your results will get better over time. That's not necessarily because the marketing gets better or worse. Our marketing never works better or worse—it works every single time. What gets better or worse is your leadership of yourself and others, the development of your culture and the refinement of your processes. So focus on refining the Four Core Essentials in this eBook and customers will naturally gravitate to your store.

Taking control in these four core areas will provide stability, predictability and peace of mind... and that is truly success and ESP®, baby!


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